The Colosseum


In the early 1660 the Friends, or Quakers as they are more commonly known, were a very persecuted sect in Bristol and throughout the country. The Quakers purchased this area as a burial ground in 1665.

It was used as a burial ground until 1923 and there were some 150 graves containing 188 bodies. In the early 1950's the Quakers gave the graveyard to Bristol Council to use as a park for the people of Bristol. The Quakers made only one request - look after our gravestones. The human remains were exhumed and moved to Avon View Cemetery on 14th September 1956. The Council created a park for the blind with scented plants of various textures. However, the Quaker's wishes were not met and after construction of the park the gravestones were piled up behind the green door at the far end of the park.  The gravestones still remain behind the green door. The original graveyard has been shortened by the 1968 road widening.